Find Your Men Aesthetic Style - Aesthetic Fashion for Men

There are so many who refer to aesthetic style as your own style. But are you really sure of the right aesthetic fashion outfits that are your style ideas? Men Aesthetic styles that trend in today are not so different from the past eras. Some aesthetic fashion looks of 90s, minimalistic style or even wearing preppy style is what could be the right style aesthetic for you.  

style aesthetics for men

Types of Men Aesthetic Style Ideas

Let's find out what are the TOP 4 Style Aesthetic Outfits for Men that trend now. Find out your own type of dressing from the below mentioned men's fashion outfits.

1) Streetwear Style for Men

Yes, this has been a style that now men all over the world follow. Their own kind of fashion that is a pure inspiration from day to day streetstyle looks of men. 

You could work in those digital printed shirts or tshirts those are styled with trending pair of jeans and a bomber or just a pair of sneakers in color blocking style could be what you are looking for as your aesthetic mens fashion style. 

streetstyle for men aesthetic inspo

Streetstyle Aesthetic mens fashion idea

Clothing - Style a Digital Printed Shirt (subtle hues) with a pair of light jeans in straight cut. 

Accessorize - Wear up your Bright shoes or just the right matching hue of shoes form your shirt to add a real fashion principle work. Add some beaded bracelets or a neck piece for men to complete you streetwear look. 

2) Preppy Mens Style

This has been around a while, ever since the boom of social media, the egirl and tiktok trends have evolved even in mens fashion looks. Try the mens preppy style looks with a bright pop of colors and prints to match the overall look. 

quirky shirt for men

Clothing - Pair up a bright printed tie dye effect shirt or shirt kurta with white pants or white jeans. 

Accessorize - To take it to a next level, shoe choice plays an important role, add the same preppy color of shoes. Add a pair of sunglasses for the summer preppy mens aesthetics look. 

3) Minimalistic Style for Men

The most simple of fashion aesthetics is keeping in minimal. Minimalistic style includes simple hues and plain monotone pair ups. Wearing a plain shirt with denim or chinos.

Clothing - add a half sleeve plain shirt to your denim pair up. Keep it simple with white ot black shoes.

Accessorize - Minimal style aesthetics doesnt need style add ons, but the best would just be by simple color clothing layering like a jacket or a plain shirt under a knitted mens jersey. Is enough for a minimalistic mens outfit look.

4) Suave Style

Men formal fashion in sophisticated style has been IN trend ever since decades now. Men Suave or formla fahsion aesthetics have formal shirts in plain, checks, striped that work well with formal suit outfit looks. 

suave style, mens formal style

Clothing - A formal or classic shirt for men in any hue of blues and white to grey works great with formal trousers or cotton pants. Style just as it is with tucked in crisp look and belt and other accessories. 

Accessorize - Wear a matching tie or waistcoat. Add formla shoes, oxfords or loafers that match the color theme. Yes adding bracelet cuffs and watches are perfect match for your suave style look. 

There are more men aesthetics to follow and own as your own personal style but which are variation of the above main styles. 

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