Men's Holi Outfit Ideas 2022 - Kurta Shirts for Holi Festival

We just love how the vibrant Holi Festival has its own way of adding more joyful colors to life. Dressing for holi festival earlier seemed all about white kurta for men, white shirt or white tshirts for men. But now fashion for men has changed over time and style. Men's Outfit ideas for Holi festival has more style incorporated fashion. 

Some stylish options of Short Kurtas for Holi Festival in Prints, Patterns to match the new generation of mens fashion for Indian festive wear look. 

Men's Holi Kurta Shirt Collection 2022

1) Marble Print Short Kurta for Holi

Marbling printed kurta for men are just perfect for the holi vibe. Color pattern effect just like what you would expect at a holi festival. You can choose from multi color theme or just a single color theme look of marble print mens kurta for holi outfit


2) Geometric Design Short Kurta for Men

Wearing geometric printed kurta for men are just evergreen fashion statement. Choose a safe style with these kinds of prints. For Holi of course one with more colors and color scheme theme would help to look fascinating. 

geometric short kurta

3) Indian Tribal Printed Trending Kurta for Men

The new trend of wearing Indian printed kurtas, tribal printed designs or mandala art kurta for men are a quirky and perfect color festive wear style to go for. 


4) Tie dye effect Printed Mens Kurta for Holi

Now apart from the marble print, even shibori, folded effect and more are picks in tie dye printed effect designs that can be worn for by men. Holi kurta for men collection in tie and dye effect of folding and stripes would add a contemporary charm to the overall holi kurta pick. 

tie dye kurta designs

5) Quirky Printed Kurta for Men 

Holi and quirky style go hand in hand, style a holi look for men in quirky printed kurtas. Choose from style of abstracts or figure motifs prints to go well for the occasion. 


6) Simple Vibrant Mens short Kurta for Holi Festival

Now if you are not in quirky, prints, patterns, go for simple one color hue short kurta for men that have simple pattern over it. Pick bright hues to match the holi occasion wear. 


7) Block Printed Mens Kurta for Holi

As colors are a thing for holi, adding a short kurta look with block in vertical designs or analogous color schemes will add a prefect look with simplicity and pattern together for holi outfit.


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