Top 7 Men Shirt Design Trends for 2022

Men’s style in shirt designs and colors have eventually been growing as per new fashion adaptation. This is why even males find it necessary to wear the latest trends in mens fashion. Here we have a list of some of the new shirt design trends for the year. 

Styling a shirt for men may be simple when it comes to plain shirts, but what if you know how a half sleeve shirt would look for a date compared to a formal look outing? This is why catching up with mens trends is important before dressing for occasions or before you buy men shirts

7 NEW Men Shirt Designs Trends 2022

1 Tie Dye Shirts for Men are biggest Trend

Yes the creative tie and dye shirts are still high on demand this year. Investing in a shirt that is in marbling tie n dye effect or a radiant effect tie dye shirt is a perfect trend to try for casual days and parties. Go for 2 Tone tie dye shirts or a 3-4 tie dye pattern shirt for men and style with jeans or shorts for a stylish shirt look.

tie dye shirts


2 Latest Men’s Shirt Print Design

Wearing customised prints is a big trend in mens fashion. The youth love styling their shirts with special repetitive designs or hawaiian design shirts. These are some great options where you can wear them for college or outfings too. No limitation when you style a casual look with custom print design shirts.

digital printed shirt for men


3 Digital Printed Shirts for Men

Of course these are still a custom print, but digital printed shirts are for those who own a style as a fashion icon, love looking different in new printed designs like floral prints for men in shirts or abstract printed shirts for men. All can be styles with a minimum color theme or a multi colored scheme. 

men printed shirt design

4) Plain Shirt designs in Collar Patterns

Yes the classic collars are always in trend and are evergreen fashion. But wearing a flat collar shirt in half sleeve is a design which trends high for this year. Invest in a plain or pattern shirt in flat collar design. Wear these for both semi-formal and casual occasions. 

flat collar shirt for men

5) Checks Shirt Designs in Trend

Checks shirts for men have been a rage ever since the 90’s. Wearing plaids was a huge 90s fashion for men trend, and they have been in since then. Style a checked shirt for men in plaid like pattern, small checks, gingham shirts or even multi colored check shirts which give a trendier appeal in men’s style look. 

latest checks shirt


6) Trending Kurta Shirt designs for Men

A must have for men’s closet is a kurta shirt or a kurta style shirt design for 2022. Wearing these fashionable short kurtas for men just gives a relaxed and classy style makeover to any man for a casual and also formal occasion wear. Invest in indian print shirt kurta like block printed, ikat print designs or even mandala art print shirt for men are the suggested design trends to pick.


7) Over sized Shirt for men

The trend that has been around for over 3 years is still a great choice for men. The oversized shirt styling is a trend to try for casual and party looks too. If you don’t know if you should invest in one, then try wearing your dad’s or friend’s shirt that's a 2 size looser to your size. Style over sized men shirt in half sleeves or one in simple prints of stripes and motifs for best look. 

oversized shirt style


Advised to at least have 2-3 men shirt design trends from the list above to nail your casual and festive wear look this year. 

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